Why Astrology?



Welcome to the “worlds” of Astrology . . .

It might be new to you or you might wonder how it works, but the fact is that astrology has been used throughout the centuries by the some of our best minds.

Hippocrates said: “No one should attempt the practice of healing without first having a thorough knowledge of astrology.”

William Shakespeare said: “The stars above us govern our conditions.”

Henry Miller said: “A chart when properly read should enable one to understand the overall pattern of one’s life, and that there is a rhythm to the universe, and that our own lives partake of the rhythm.”

My favorite, Carl Jung, had many things to say about astrology as he studied it and used it with his patients. One of the statements illustrating a very important point was: “Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology without further restrictions because astrology represents the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

The first recordings were actually produced by the Chaldeans - as far as we know, they were the original astrologers. Now that was a long time ago.

For me the astrological chart is the blueprint to our life path, our personality and characteristics plus our energetic DNA and the way we interact with the world.

I have used astrology as a tool since 1972 and frankly I don’t know how people make it through their lives without it.


I use the term “tool” because that is what it is a tool which enables us to realize the natural inclinations of each individual personality, a tool to show us how we blend (or not) with others, our relationship dynamics, a tool to explain what we are going through at any given time, why, how long it will last and what we need to be doing the get the most out of it. It’s a timing tool that lets us know when we should move forward and when we should wait. When to prepare and when to act. When to start something new and when to stick to status quo.  It’s great to know when to push forward and when it’s just not worth trying to “buck City Hall” and get frustrated. 


It’s also great to understand why some people are easy to be with and where the challenges are with others. 


As a tool, it is particularly useful for picking times for important events like surgery, weddings, buying a house, car or other large investments. 


There are many life changes and moves that are influenced by the interaction of the planets. 


There are times when we are tested with difficulties in order to grow and strengthen.


I always found it helpful to know when these times were going to happen, how long they would last and how to best use the influence to to get through them easily and beneficially.


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