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Readings and Fees

What People are Saying:

It was so nice to know that my daughter was not doing drugs but just under the influence of Neptune. Samantha told us what to do and how long it would last.” SM

I was so relieved to know that my son was having difficulty in school only because he needed to have information presented in a different way.” GB

“It was comforting to know that we could choose the day and time of our wedding so it was favorably aligned with the planets and the universe.” GL & TL

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All interpretations are done personally by Samantha and are recorded as mp3 which can be downloaded or mailed to you on a CD for your keeping and repeat listening. In-person sessions are also recorded. This service is included as part of the reading fee. This personalized experience provides insights and the opportunity for you to ask questions. Together a plan for the best use of all that can be is uncovered and a direction for benefit is laid out to be put into motion.


Natal Chart Reading - your “Astro-DNA”


Personality Analysis with strengths and challenges - the Astro-DNA of your life and experience. 

Highlights for the current year and timing of events.

What you need to be doing now for positive growth and advancement.



Relationship and Compatibility Reading (multiple charts)


How well matched are you?

Where are the sweet spots and the pitfalls?

Have you been together “before?”

Is this a passing fancy or is there longevity ahead?

Can you talk together or

are there communication challenges to overcome?

Will the honeymoon last?

. . . and many more important insights.



Family Dynamic Reading


How does everyone interact?

Who can help whom? 

Which parent is best understood by each child?

Is there tension, and how can it be relieved?

Who plays what role?



Children’s Readings


These comprehensive readings include likely life path, mission, purpose, gifts and challenges; personality analysis; communication and learning styles; what motivates them; what their emotional needs are, and more.

You will also learn when they will face challenging times that will serve to fulfill their life lessons  and build strength, as well as what types of challenges those are likely to be, based on their astro-DNA. This “helps you help them” to develop their full potential.


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Reading fees: 


Astro-DNA Natal Chart Reading: 

  1. $155 in person (75 minutes)

  2. $125 by phone (60 minutes)


Relationships and Compatibility Reading: 

  1. $170 (multiple charts - 60 minutes)


Family Dynamics Reading: 

  1. $170 (in-person only). Includes first three charts; $10 extra for each additional family member).


Children’s Reading: 

  1. $155 in person (parent and child if child is over 7; with parent alone if child is under 7)

  2. $125 (by phone, mp3 download or mailed CD)