“We are born in a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the years and of the seasons in which we are born.”

Carl Jung


When I wrote this book, there was nothing written on the subject that I was aware of.  Hard to believe.  It must have struck some kind of chord, though, because it ended up being published in 11 countries! It is still available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets, but I am not sure how many copies are left. The original publisher is no longer in business and I am ready for the third reprint.


Although the book is written with children as the subject, it really applies to each of us since we were all children at one time. Let’s face it – we may have grown and matured in many ways, yet our original tendencies still remain – and this material helps shed light on them. The information is just as applicable to adults as it is to children. It also is very helpful with our relationships since it brings an understanding of another person’s way of being. 


The book provides you with information on how a person thinks and learns, with key words that help establish better connections in communications, what motivates them and how they use their physical energy, what their emotional needs are and what makes them feel secure and safe, what they value and appreciate, how they relate to others and interact in the world, and most importantly what their core internal nature is seeking for fulfillment.


For parents there is a chapter on parenting skills in general - based on my own learning and experience with raising 4 children and assisting with 10 grandchildren.


The principles of astrology are the same whatever our age, whatever our background, whatever our experience.  These are universal laws that have been in operation for eons.


“This book is committed to helping parents, caregivers, teachers therapists and individuals gain insights into our children’s and our own personalities, to assist them in learning new effective tools and methods for raising, guiding and understanding all of the children of our world.”


Understanding Children through Astrology

What People are Saying:

”Although this book was written about children, I read it with myself as the subject.  It was astonishing how clear and insightful it was.”    PM

“I was surprised at the depth and detail this book covers. It not only goes through the sun signs, but the moons and planets along with charts to tell you what sign you are in each. Then the descriptions of the characteristics of a child within these signs as well as how to approach a child within a certain sign is very useful.  I highly recommend this book and hope she comes out with an updated version.”  MD

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