Reach Beyond the Stars


Why do smart people look for coaching that comes from the art and science of astrology? It’s simple:

They want a clear understanding of themselves to develop their talents and strengthen their weaknesses

They may be:

  1. BulletBusiness people who are looking for the best timing for important decisions and advances

  2. BulletParents who want to truly understand their children in order to help them become the best they can be

  3. BulletPeople who want to deepen and enrich all of their relationships

  4. BulletAnyone who wants to live life to its fullest potential

So have your chart done!  Claim your power - discover your mission - bring joy to your relationships - and harmony to your family - do better business deals - avoid fighting the tide by learning your personal flow!

And it’s important to choose the right person to guide you:

Introducing Samantha Davis

Astrologer and internationally published author of “Understanding Children Through Astrology,” with over 35 years of astrological experience.

Specializing in personal empowerment, relationships and family dynamics.

All readings and consultations are personalized and individual. No “boiler-plate” computerized interpretations are used.

Areas of Expertise:


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“Astrology for Thinking People”

What people are saying about Samantha:

It’s amazing. She tells me exactly what I’ve been feeling and helps me make sense of it!” LDC

Extraordinarily insightful. I was able to apply it right away to great benefit!” DM

I’ve always been an astrology skeptic, but I simply can’t dispute Sam’s uncanny ability to figure out what’s up. So helpful!” GA

Samantha has a way of explaining the chart that makes it very understandable. In fact, this is the first time it has TRULY made sense to me. I came away with information that I could use.” DH

Finally, I understand how to work with my crazy kids.” GGB

  1. Coming soon: Equine Gestalt AstrologyTM.

  2. For the first time ever, Samantha will offer astrological coaching combined with equine-facilitated gestalt therapy.

  3. Horses are teachers of self-awareness.

  4. Add an equine partner and let a horse show you your truth, all within the context of astrological interpretation. Ask about joining Samantha for a unique experience with profound results!


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