Samantha Davis has been on a personal quest to discover the whys as well as the hows on living a more productive, beneficial, and enjoyable life: what make us tick and how to do it better. This quest has been with her for as long as she can remember.


Ms. Davis has been studying, teaching and writing about astrology for 35 years.  At first she was a skeptic. She thought, how can something so far away have an influence on me?  So she began the process of trying to disprove Astrology. Through that study and examination Samantha began to see that it worked - so being a practical person she began to use it even though not she did not yet grasp the concept fully. 


Then, through study, she came across Carl Jung’s Law of Synchronicity. He simply said that when we observe certain behaviors and certain events here on earth, we see certain planetary configurations, and when we observe certain planetary configurations we see certain behaviors and certain events here on earth. Thus, The Law of Synchronicity.  At the time that satisfied her and made sense.


Now she says: “ Since we have expanded our knowledge and we know that everything in the universe is connected  - thus the law of action-reaction, we know that it doesn’t matter how far away anything is or what or who it is – everyone affects everyone and everything affects everything including the planets. Every action creates a reaction.”


In 1972 Samantha was fortunate to be part of the original group who founded The Arizona Society of Astrologers. She became director of Programs and Education for many years, which gave her the opportunity to bring the best of the best to their education.

She has developed a large national counseling practice over the years, taught, lectured, written many nationally published articles, had a newspaper column, TV and radio appearances, had her own radio program and written a book available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. with translation rights sold in 11 countries. She has done - and still does - consulting for many businesses and professional organizations.


Samantha’s training is not limited to Astrology.  She has done countless intensives over the years, including those with Ken Keyes, Tony Robbins, Monroe Institute, and Delta Vector, as well as read and listened to most all of the leading personal growth gurus of the day.  She became certified to teach the Silva Method of Mind Development and started teaching the course in 1979. She also achieved Doctor of Psycho-Orientology certification from Jose Silva, a healing technique that predated what is now called Reiki, and taught that as well. Today Samantha teaches many different workshops on different subjects including stress management, self-empowerment, relationship, communication, money, children’s empowerment and meditation.


Samantha is currently studying equine-assisted gestalt coaching with the world leader in that art, Melisa Pearce (at right), and once she completes the certification, she’ll be offering something no-one has ever done before by combining equine gestalt with astrology. Now THAT will be fun, and profoundly transformational for you, if you’re ready!

On a more personal note, Samantha is a mother of four and a grandmother of ten.  Her grandchildren are one of the most important aspects of her life.  She says “It is a joy for me to be able to help gently guide them, and do my best to reduce the influence of all the people and companies trying to manipulate them to make the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons.”


A message from Samantha:

“Let me help you get some clarity about the influences that are shaping your life without you even being aware of them! Let me help you take control of your life and to be able to positively influence the lives of those you care about.


I am glad that you have visited my page and I look forward to being of assistance.”


About Samantha


“Everything is always in right order. The only time we ever have any challenges with negative thoughts or feelings is when we are trying to control the outside world and it isn’t working. In other words, we are resisting and trying to change what IS.”

“What anyone else thinks of you is none of your business.”

“There’s no such thing as failure, only delay.”

“People will treat you the way you TEACH them to treat you.”

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